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The Cromer Cup

our cromer cup league championship drivers on the podium after a race at karttrak cromer with trophies

We ask all drivers to be with us and signed in by 4pm. Qualifying will start at 4pm and the races will be finished by 6pm followed by a podium presentation with trophies for the Top 3. Drivers must be 18 years and over.
This Race format is a superpole qualy, followed by 3 x 10 minutes sprint races. The grid for Race 1 is set from your qualifying laps. The grid for Race 2 is set from your finishing position in Race 1. The grid for the Final is set from points accumulated from Races 1 & 2.
Cost per round is £50.00 per driver.

Current League points per race league.
Click on the tabs at the bottom to see the points per league

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