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1) What happens if it rains?

We supply shower suits and try to give all drivers some wet weather karting tuition, we do advise bringing a spare change of clothes though. The circuit does occasionally become unusable if we have heavy rain for several hours. Events are subject to re-booking.

2) Are the karts even? I want the fastest one.

The karts are as even as possible and are tested regularly for speed. They all have their own characteristics, even from brand new they are slightly different. But the marshals are always looking for problems with the karts and will often swap your kart if they think something is not quite right.

3) Do I need to book? and how do I do it? and how far in advance do I need to book?

You MUST book in advance as we do get very busy. To book give us a call tell us how many and the type of drivers you would like to bring (Look on the about us section click on "our karts") and how many sessions you would like. If the total comes to over £100 we may ask for a 20% deposit. How far in advance do you need to book? well that really depends on the day you want to come and if anyone else has booked the time you want! some days get full months in advance other days we have plenty of track time.

4) How does it work?

All our practice sessions are 15 mins long with 5 mins driver changeover time so we have a session start on the hour 20 mins past the hour and 40 mins past the hour all day unless there is a private session booked. Drivers need to be on site at least 45 mins before the track start time and we recommend going on the track every other session

5) Do you have the facilities to accommodate Disabilities?

Yes!, we have a specially built Disabled Kart that has the Accelerator and Brake on Handlebars instead of a steering wheel.  This has proved very popular for karters who have little or no mobility in their legs.

6) Are the karts restricted?

No. We gear the karts so that better drivers can just about hit the redline on the faster sections of the circuit. It’s up to you to get them there!

7) I have been before, why do I have to watch the safety brief again?

If you bring your telemetry from your previous session and it is within 6 weeks you can skip it.

8) Can I use my own helmet, gloves, race suit?

Yes, we actually encourage this. Helmets must be full face; Moto-x helmets are also allowed provided you are using a visor or goggles. Boiler suits are also allowed provided there are no loose parts that could get caught in the workings of the kart.

9) Why do we have to get there 45 minutes before our track start time?

We require drivers to be here early so that we have enough time to get everybody changed, safety briefed, helmets sized up correctly and all paid up before you go on to the circuit. There is normally around 10 minutes extra so that people can go back to the car, go to the toilet, have a drink, check lap records, check fastest times of the day or ask any questions concerning their session. This also gives drivers enough time to observe the drivers on the session prior to theirs, picking up tips and taking note of things like the pit lane entrance. Our session times can also fluctuate a bit dependant on if we are held up for any reason (big crashes, rebuilding tyre walls, sessions ended due to groups ignoring circuit rules, etc.)

10) What do I need to wear?

Sensible shoes, fully enclosed around the foot.  No high heels, Flip Flops, Crocs or open toes.

11) Do you have twin seater karts?

No. We have used them in the past and found them to be impractical for our circuit.

12) What happens if we arrive late?

Unfortunately if you are late you can loose out on your Kart time. Weekends are very often fully booked. If you don’t turn up on time we may have to cancel your karting and you will lose your deposit . If you have one of those friends who is always late, just tell them an earlier time to arrive. We cannot get started on some of our events until your entire party have arrived and are ready to go. Please just turn up on time!

13) Can we bring our own food?

Yes you can.  We also have a hot & cold drinks and snack machine.  

14) Do you have age or weight restrictions?



Drivers must be 8 years old and over to Kart. The minimum height to kart is 134cm, even then due to children's build they may not be able to safely Kart due to arm or leg length, if you are in any doubt give us a call and we can always test fit your child in a cadet kart to ensure they are safe to drive.


There is no upper age limit to come karting as long as you are fit and well and have no medical issues that would prevent you driving on the road. There is an upper weight restriction of 20 stone, but this also depends on body shape to ensure you can safely operate the kart pedals and steering wheel (steering wheel must not touch your body for safe operation). The largest helmets we carry are XXXL if you cannot fit this size helmet safely you would not be able to kart unless you brought your own helmet (full face or motocross style with goggles.)

15) Our child is 8 but under the minimum height requirement. Can he still kart?

Possibly. We do have a smaller cadet kart but it really depends on the driver’s leg reach. We always recommend bringing drivers along to be sure before an event.

16) Why cant under 16’s join in on race events?

We need to make sure all drivers are using our adult-sized karts to keep things even. There are also a lot of circuit safety rules and race rules to adhere to. We often found inexperienced, younger drivers struggle with all the safety and race rules laid out. If you would like your child to take part in grand prix style events, we suggest enrolling in our youth club where we will teach drivers to race safely against other drivers of similar age.

17) Can I wear my glasses under the helmet?


18) Our child is very nervous but wants to try karting. Can we have the track to ourselves?

We can suggest good times to come when there is less chance of other people using the circuit. However, the only time we can guarantee the circuit to yourself is with exclusive hire.

19) Our child wants to join youth club. Why do they have to pass an induction? He was only there a few days ago.

Our youth club is very popular. We run higher safety rules for youth clubs as there are often more karts on the circuit than on normal practice sessions. We therefore have to add a few extra bits to that to ensure the child in question knows the site well (names of corners) etc. Drivers need to be able to take instruction and apply it to the race track. They need to be within a certain lap time (track conditions vary) - if we have 12 drivers all doing approx. 37 second lap times and 1 driver is doing a 55 second lap, that driver can become a hazard and may be daunted by this knowledge. We also find that having some 1 on 1 time with one of our instructors helps to familiarise drivers with all the above elements. Inductions cost no more than the normal 30 minute practice time (there is no additional charge for inductions). We want all drivers attending to be as fast as possible without compromising safety.

20) Do you have WiFi?

Yup! And its free!

21) Can I bring my dog?

Yes as long as we are allowed to come say hello! and also stay on a lead at all times.

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