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Jack Tritton - Our Superkart  Champion.

Jack Tritton, our very own Track Manager here at Karttrak Cromer has been Karting for 13 years after starting corporate Karting at the Age of 11. Instantly hooked on Karting Jack has gone on to progress through Junior Subaru, Rotax, KZ and ultimatly SuperKarts where he took the O Plate and won the British and National 125 Superkart Championships.

In 2023 Jack has won the Division 1 SuperKart Superseries in his rookie year!

An amazing achievement in every respect. Jack would love to thank all his 2023 Sponsors and supporters!


Now follow Jack on his 2024 journey further into the Top tier Division One Superkart Championships in the UK and Europe! 

jack tritton 87 logo 2023 design blue and yellow


2024 season - Division 1 and Sponsorship

2023 was an amazing year for Jack as he stepped up to Superkart Division 1 and won the championship in his rookie year!

2024 will bring new challenges as Jack enters some European races in Assen and France!

Jack will be racing in the BSRC Super Series against the top Kart drivers in the UK.

As you can imagine this is a VERY expensive race series and we need all the help we can to get Jack financed through the season.

We have many sponsorship opportunities if you or your business would like to help us achieve great things in the 2024 season;

Individual sponsorship for the team is as little as £50 and will get your name on the Superkart as a supporter and a sponsor tee shirt.

You can also join Club 87 which will get you a tee shirt, hoodie and your name on the Superkart as well as a signed thank you card from Jack himself.

Business sponsorship plans are also available where we will build a sponsor pack depending on the amount you are able to sponsor for this can include;

Your Business logo on the 2024 Superkart

Your business logo displayed on the Jack Tritton Racing banner in the paddock at each Superkart race.

A sponsor tee shirt and Hoodie

Your business Advert displayed on the Karttrak Cromer Digital advertising board for 1 year

Your business banner (supplied by you) mounted on the Karttrack Cromer viewing area for 1 year 

Social Media shout outs and mentions

A Signed thank you card and Club 87 mug.

Please get in touch if you can help in any way, we are an independent "Dad and Lad" race team and have achieved great success to date, it would be amazing to have you along as part of the journey. 

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Jack Tritton 87 logo racing graphic
Jack sat in superkart helmet leathers 87

We would like to thank all our Sponsors so far!

Corporate Sponsors

Personal Sponsors

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Nick Robinson

Dean Ellmore

Mark McDowell

Adam Webb

Ollie&David Vincent

Dylan McErlain

Connor McErlain

Oliver McErlain

Richard Howard

Allan Groombridge

David Goodman #24

Edward Davies-Jones

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Callum Wilson

Mark Watson

Gavin Lynes

Ignacio Hare

Will Girdlestone

Reggie Matthewson

Alfie Nicholls

Antonio Hill

JRE 's Mechanical Services

Hedgeworks Motorsport

Rick Lawrence

Thank you so much for all your support! It means a lot!

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