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Team Endurance


Suitable for groups of drivers with some karting experience (aged 16 or over).

This is a great way to accommodate large groups for a great day out or team building day.

Decide on how many drivers you have for your event and split yourselves into teams. Compete with the other teams in your group using Pitstop strategy and driver skill to win the race!

The team endurance will start off with every driver taking part in a 5 lap/minute qualifying which will determine the grid for the race. The fastest lap from each team is the time that counts. 

The teams will then line up on the grid for a grid start endurance race.

Every team will need to make a minimum amount of pitstops for driver changes. The pit stops will all be set to a minimum time so there is no reason to speed in pit lane. Speeding in the pit lane will incur a penalty for your team. 

The chequered flag will be waved to the leading team at the end of the endurance selected time.

Drivers must be on site and registered a minimum of 45 minutes before track start time; due to the nature of this event, drivers arriving late will lose all their circuit time with no refund given.

We require a 50% deposit to secure the track time for this event.

All drivers must wear sensible footwear (no heels, open toed shoes, sandals or crocs).

No Trophies are included in the Endurance race price but Trophies and medals can be purchased on the day/

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