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The Karttrak Cromer Youth Club


Karttrak Cromer offers kids who are more serious about Kart Racing to enhance and develop their driving and personal skills by joining our Youth Club. Its a fantastic way to get kids into motorsport at a young age and get those budding F1 drivers off to a flying start. We do have a waiting list for youth club so if your child is interested in joining after having a practice session at the track, ask a member of staff for an application form. When a space is available we will get your child booked in for an induction as set out below.

The Club runs every second Sunday morning and upcoming dates are at the bottom of this page 

To join Youth Club an induction must have been completed. Booking is required. 

All applicants must meet our minimum age of 8 years old and at least 134cm in height. 

We expect our youth club members to be ambassadors of the track and behave in a respectful manner to the other members, staff and public.


This is the first stage that drivers have to complete, a one to one induction to karting with one of our instructors this includes 30 mins circuit time. Drivers have to hit a lap time set by the instructor (varies dependant on circuit conditions)by using the instructors driving advice. Once a driver has passed the induction they can then enter the beginners youth club. 


This is the first club that drivers will join, this is where drivers will learn not only how to race safely but to improve their kart handling skills and ultimately improve lap times round our circuit. Once a driver has reached a certain ability they will qualify for Intermediate level and be asked to move up a group.

All drivers are asked to be with us by 9:15am for an 9:30am start and the session finishes at 10:30am. Beginners club is strictly up to 12 drivers and requires booking in. Beginners will get 2 sessions on track and 2 classroom sessions.


This is the second club, This is where drivers skills will start to be pushed a little as the level of driver ability goes up a bit This is where they will have to work hard to prove themselves to go up further. To progress to the advanced stages drivers must show their ability in all conditions, keep the racing and overtaking clean, be able to adapt to different karts and regularly post fast lap times

All drivers are asked to be with us at 10:15am for an 10:30am start and the session finishes at 12:30pm. 


This is for the more experienced driver who just want to perfect their driving skills and race against the clock, trying to beat the lap record. Learning the best overtaking techniques, race rules, and all the finer points of karting. When a driver is regularly achieving top results in this club we recommend attending open race meetings.

All drivers are asked to be with us at 10:15pm for a 10:30pm start. This club finishes at 12:30pm.

Intermediate and Advanced Groups attend Youth Club at the same time, working together to enhance their driving abilities! Intermediate and advanced groups have 3 track sessions and 3 classroom sessions

Beginners club cost £30.00. 

Intermediate & Advanced club cost £35.00

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