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Cadet Karts are the next size up from Bambinos (PLEASE NOTE: We do not race Bambino Karts). Drivers must be at least 8 years old and a minimum height  of 134cm tall to drive these. They have 160cc engines and have a top speed of around 45mph. We will run up to 6 cadets on the circuit at any one time. Cadets can go on the circuit at the same time as a Junior/adult driver but only If all the drivers are apart of the same group of people (families, activity, school groups etc.) We do not allow cadet drivers on the circuit with another group of adults.


Junior karts have 200cc engines and will reach around 45mph. Juniors are Generally classed at 13-17 year olds but drivers must be at least 152cm tall to fit in the karts safely. We allow up to 6 Juniors on the circuit at any one time and we allow Juniors to go on the circuit at the same time as adults.


Adult karts are the same as Juniors they have a 200cc engine and have a top speed of around 45mph. Adults must be 16+ years old and at least 152cm tall. We have no upper height limit but the tallest person we have had use our karts was over 7 foot tall (he drove it effectively but said it was uncomfortable) We allow up to 8 adults maximum on the track at any one time and have a weight limit of 20 stone to use these karts.

left view of bizkart gokart adult kart at karttrak cromer
front view of bizkart go kart at karttrak cromer
all the go karts karts lined up on track at karttrak cromer

Specially Adapted Kart

We also have a specially adapted handlebar control kart to allow anyone without leg movement to partake in Kart racing here at Karttrak Cromer.

This inhouse custom built Kart is unique in the UK, it has handlebar controls with the accelerator and brake on the handlebars, as long as the driver has upper body control we can get them fitted, secured down and racing!

This Kart is wheelchair accessible in the pit lane and we can assist you in getting in or out of the Kart though a family or group member is preferred for this.

Call for more info.

handlebar specially adapted disabled go kart

Track Map

Fully resurfaced in 2022 our 550 Meter Track is challenging and fun for all abilities!

Karttrak Cromer track map diagram
ariel drone photo of karttrak cromer top down view
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