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Cracking review of Karttrak Cromer

A lovely customer left us this stunning review which really sums up what we are all about!

Awesome first drive at KartTrak Cromer, Simply Amazing

Our 10 year old son, was incredibly keen to try karting. We chose KartTrak Cromer as we had heard wonderful things about the place and especially the staff.

Little did we know just how exceptional the whole experience and the team at KartTrak Cromer were going to be.

As parents we were very nervous, Joseph is 10 and has never been in a go kart. The idea of him hurtling around a track in a go kart was exciting for sure, but we were cautious.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a smile, we were a little early and some other people were already zooming around the track, so we went to watch them. A couple of them on track were bumping into each other, but we were delighted that when they came in, one of the team, spoke to them as a group, advised them that it was not on, and they were told if they did not follow the rules they would not be able to continue. They were firm, fair and to the point, we loved that, it was very reassuring for us as family.

This was very reassuring as Joseph was going out in an arrive and drive slot, so he would be on track with other drivers. We had been assured also when booking, that Joseph would be in a session with drivers of similar capabilities.

Joseph went for a briefing with Ash, who went through everything in great detail, about the track, safety, the different flags, the pedals and how to use the kart. He said to Joseph, as it was his first time, he talked through taking it easy and building up slowly. Joseph was nervous going into the briefing, but came out still nervous, but confident to what he needed to do.

He was helped getting his equipment together, and the team made sure he had the right helmet and it was secure. Out to the kart. This was the most nervous moment for us a parents. He was going on track with five other drivers. Nick, talked to Joseph at his kart. Nick adjusted the seat, the pedals, and he gave Joseph a further briefing. This extra time was simply amazing. Joseph said after that he made him feel extra safe, he made sure Joseph was sat correctly, and the kart was bespoke to Joseph. He also reiterated the briefing and took his time. Joseph really appreciated this, and he said it made him feel extra confident.

The session was split into two fifteen minute sessions, the first session, then a briefing, then the second.

After the first session, Jack came over and spoke directly to Joseph, spoke about his lap times, how they improved and he was regularly improving his times. Jack was very kind in taking time, he was so encouraging and helpful, guiding and boosting Joseph's already soaring confidence. The whole team had the same philosophy and were willing all those on track to have fun firstly, but then find the extras seconds and tenths to beat their previous time. Joseph was determined to beat his time in the second session.

Watching Joseph go out for the second session, you could see already he was full of confidence, and when he came in he was beaming, he absolutely loved it. Jack again came over and spoke about times, and Joseph absolutely smashed his times from the first session. He was so happy with his time, so delighted with the whole experience.

Thank you Jack, Nick, Ash, Kev and the whole team. What a team, what a place!

I cannot say enough, just how much we as a family we would recommend KartTrak Cromer. It far exceeded our expectations, and the whole experience was magical and wonderful. We will be back, it was simply a truly fantastic session.

Thank you all,


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