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The calendar below shows our peak days throughout 2014. These days are highlighted.



Mon-Fri 11am-5pm (up to 8pm for pre booked events) *
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm (up to 8pm for pre booked events) **

9am until 7pm Sat (peak time all year round)
9am until 6pm Sun (peak time all year round)


*School Term Time
** School Holidays

Summer sale! open open Enduro series race entry price has been reduced from £40 to £30!

New Coffee Shop! Our in house coffee shop is now open come in for a nice high quality coffee hot chocolate or milkshake; we also serve hot food, cheeseburgers, paninis etc. They can also cater for birthday parties (pre-booking required).

Opening Hours! Due to increasing demand for our off-peak special offers as of April, we will be open everyday. We have also been granted permission to run until 8pm 6 days a week. This additional 2 hours is for practice sessions (exclusive hire, birthday parties, etc) and will not be used for gp style racing.

Youth Club - For 8 years and over. We are always looking to improve our youth club run bi-weekly on sunday mornings. We now run induction courses for those that would like to join so that budding race drivers can learn the basics and familiarise themselves with the circuit and the track staff before they start in a large group. Please call the circuit for availability.

Our Karts are suitable for both Adults and Children. Our Adult kart fleet are powered by Honda Gx200cc engines and are on a Biz Evo2 chassis and our Cadet kart fleet are powered by Honda Gx160 engines and are on SWRD chassis. Our Bambino Karts are powerd by a Honda 37.5cc unit on a custom made chassis.

Bambino Owners - Every other sunday morning 8:30 until 10:00 runs opposite weekends to youth club and Monday evenings 6pm until 8pm weekly. We also have hire karts available upon request and require pre-booking.

100 Lap Challenge - We have a wall of fame for those who like to get there name up on the wall. 60 mins of arrive and drive all in one go if you complete 100 laps you recieve 50% of your money back if you manage to hit 104 laps you get all your money back.

Open Summer Enduro Race Series - Our flagship series 10 mins qualy 60 mins solid racing. Very tough close racing £40 entry per race. The overall winner of the series wins free entry to the entire 2016 series! Two races held each month one for lightweights (under 84kg) one for heavyweights (over 84kg) runs once a month on a sunday heavyweights start at 2:00 lightweights start at 4:00. Get your name up on the wall of champions board!

Open Junior League Racing - We have started a junior league race format is 10 minute qualifier followed by a 30 min non stop sprint race. Open to any driver who fits in our junior karts and under the age of 16 run on weds evenings.

Our Corporate Karts - Our fleet of karts are maintained regularly and undergo a speed test on a regular basis. When a kart goes outside of a certain time perameter the kart is taken out of use and worked on until it is brought back up to speed.

2+2 Team Racing Series - We are running a team Enduro series. Each team must have 1 lightweight driver and 1 heavyweight (84kg limit) Teams must choose one driver to complete a ten minute qualifying the other driver must start the race. Complete as many laps as you can within the 2 hour period. Please check the events page for dates and prices.